Anna Faktorovich and Anaphora has been nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award by Sally Ember, with whom Anna participated in a video interview chat. The award has no founder, and it is a positive-minded chain letter. Here are the rules:

–Display the award on your blog
–Link back to the person who nominated you
–State 7 things about yourself that most people may not know
–Nominate 15 bloggers, link to them, and notify them about their nominations

7 Things Most People Don’t Know:

1. I’ve lived in a dozen+ different states.

2. I’ve lived in around 6 countries, so when asked where I’m from,  just don’t have an answer for you.

3. I’ve worked as anything from a comedian to a substitute teacher.

4. I do voice imitations of Elvis and Johnny Cash’s singing.

5. I don’t like pop fiction, but I love criticizing it.

6. Anaphora is seriously my full-time job.

7. It takes me a day to setup and design an Anaphora book.

15 Inspirational Bloggers I’m Nominating:

1. Robert Begiebing

2. Donelle Dreese

3. Miguel Parga

4. Silvio Sirias

5. Aline Soules

6. Glen A. Mazis

7. John Brantingham

8. John F. Buckley

9. Laura Madeline Wiseman

10. M. V. Montgomery

11. S. Thomas Summers

12. T. Anders Carson

13. John Paul Jaramillo

14. Visual News

15. Who What Why

Anaphora News are currently posted on the Director’s, Anna Faktorovich’s, Social Media pages, where connections are warmly welcomed:

Some Anaphora events and press clippings are posted on these pages:

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