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 The Romances of George Sand takes the heroine from a childhood in the aristocracy amidst the Napoleonic Wars, to an unhappy early marriage and eventual divorce, to her careers as a country doctor, pharmacist, lawyer, and most successfully as a romance novelist. This is a story about the revolutions in a woman’s heart as she goes through dozens of love affairs. It is also about George’s involvement in violent, political revolutions of her time, including the July and June Revolutions and the 1848 Revolution; in the latter, she served as the unofficial Minister of Propaganda. The story is full of military battles, coup d’etat maneuvers, duels, malevolent plots, infidelity, artistic discussions, monumental legal cases, and reflections on the nature of love, family, romance, rebellion, and femininity. The history behind each of the events depicted is researched with biographical precision, but liberty is taken with some events that have been contested by historians, including the lesbian affair George had with Marie Dorval and the identity of the real father of her second child. Students of literature and history will recognize many of the central characters, as George befriended Napoleon I and III, Alexander Dumas pere and fils, Frederic Chopin, Alfred de Musset, and a long list of other notables.

* Nominated for the 2014 Pushcart Prize

“What a read! Not lacking in action and very imaginative.” –Belinda Jack, author of George Sand: A Woman’s Life Writ Large and Professor of Rhetoric, Gresham College, Christ Church, University of Oxford

“Anna Faktorovich has succeeded in writing a historical novel about George Sand… that is pleasing to read for readers of literary historical fiction and scholars alike… a complex and exquisitely researched novel that gets you hooked after a few pages… The tragedy of a woman searching for true love in a society dominated by males, and failing to find it in her numerous and invariably tragic affairs… is conveyed in a subtle and deeply moving manner… This is not a light historical novel but an elaborate story about a feminist avant la letter…” —Bob Van Laerhoven, Author of critically acclaimed, Baudelaire’s Revenge (Pegasus Books)

“Here is a novel that will cheer readers through many a dreary night. The young George Sand, née Aurore, grows up as the French Revolution and Terror, Napolean’s rise and fall, war, life in a convent but also in Parisian society all roll by, but not merely as background, since Aurore participates as a child, adolescent, nubile young woman (whom relatives try to marry off), and adult, who does marry, bears children, and has many (erotic) affairs (as does her husband, naturally). Hugo, Chopin, de Musset, and other well-known personages show up, as Sand writes and publishes her novels. For those readers who revel in precise historical detail and personal adventure, the handsomely designed and very nicely illustrated Romances of George Sand is a book you will relish.” –Robert Hauptman, PhD, Editor, Journal of Information Ethics

“Anna Faktorovich presents an original paradigm, which belies the usual myths about George Sand.  Faktorovich creates believable scenes with lively dialogue from just one or two lines in Sands biography, thus energizing the role of the only major female novelist in the French Romantic Movement. The Romances of George Sand is a must-read for scholars who will understand the numerous insider jokes and for women interested in the historical pioneers of feminism.” –Rosie Rosenzweig, Resident Scholar, Women’s Studies Research Center, Brandeis University

Paperback: $20: Order with Amazon, or Barnes and Noble, ISBN: 978-1-937536-68-8. Hardback: $40: Order with Amazon, ISBN: 978-1-937536-69-5. Kindle EBook: $2.99: Order on Amazon, ISBN: 978-1-937536-78-7. Smashwords Edition: $2.99: ISBN: 9781937536701. 252pp, 6X9″, LCCN: 2014908816, LC classification: PS147-152, Dewey class no: 813. 23 illustrations, glossary of characters. Released on: September 12, 2014

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Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte

Faktorovich - Democracy - Full Cover - 9781681142234

* Pushcart Prize 2016 Nominee

The Battle for Democracy: ($20, 236pp, 6X9″, 16 illustrations, reader’s guide, Print ISBN: 978-1-68114-223-4, Hardcover: $35: ISBN: 978-1-68114-281-4, EBook: $2.99: ISBN: 978-1-68114-224-1, LCCN: 2015917681, May 2, 2016; Order on Amazon or Barnes & Noble): The events depicted incorporate historical incidents to create an alternate history of a violent anti-corruption rebellion in the fictional town of Sparta, Tennessee, in the aftermath of World War II. It is based in part on the rebellion by veterans against the Mayor’s office in Athens, Tennessee, as well as on the Chicago Haymarket Riot. In Sparta, thousands of veterans return to the States from the War, and are confronted by crippling corruption, as they attempt to drink away the trauma of the War. Faced with bribes and a heap of misdemeanor tickets, the GIs try to retaliate by aggressively supporting the Democratic ticket, but soon discover that elections are not won by voters in Sparta. The Sheriff and his army of untrained deputies go on a killing spree, as they work to steal the election, until the Democrats are compelled to pick up arms to defend their lives and their civil rights.

“I enjoyed this book and found it to be intriguing because I was curious to know what the outcome of the election and the battle would be, and what would become of the characters I became so invested in. The characters were good and well developed. I think it is interesting that this is historical fiction, which is an oxymoron in and of itself. Even though the story is made up, I could still see some things that rooted it to history. For example, there were some parts that reminded me of the French Revolution, like when the citizens take the weapons from the store, which reminded me of the storming of Bastille. The constant mention of World War II and the aspects of it (i.e. Hiroshima bombing, concentration camps, etc.) also showed me how rooted into the history of the world the story is. This book is one that kept my interest and held my curiosity, and is one that I thoroughly enjoyed. And anyone who enjoys some history with a bit of a twist will enjoy it too.” –Prism Review: University of La Verne, Alexandra Dixon, “Current & Contemporary Book Reviews: December 2016”

“A riveting account of corruption in politics from the interesting mindset of disgruntled post-war veterans. A combination that will intrigue readers throughout the story.” —David Walpuck, Administrator for the National Registry of Food Safety Professionals

“Naive, impressionable, patriotic young men from Anna Faktorovich’s fictitious Sparta, Tennessee joined the fight against Fascism during World War II. They confronted death, cruelty, deprivation and returned home not as heroes but outsiders. Sparta had no use for them—no jobs, no place in society, only bars and the local jail. Finally enough became too much. Outrage triggered rebellion and a new war began. Like the one the returned G.I.s had left in Europe and Asia this one also was for freedom from oppression.

“The novel is based on events that occurred in southern Tennessee in 1946. Faktorovich populates The Battle for Democracy with variety of characters—rich, poor, white, African-American—and glimpses of shantytown life, Southern mansions, trips to Hawaii. Among the most fascinating personalities are the members of a Cherokee family that migrated to Sparta after their Oklahoma house was razed to make room for a military installation. Another is Giorgio, whose wilder instincts are tamed by his relationship with the sensible and attractive Haley. Less agreeable are the Ku Klux Klansmen the author describes, the opulence of the town mayor reigning over his miniature fiefdom, the bartender turned cop with an eye for profit at whatever cost. The novel is told with journalistic veracity and with vivid descriptions of places and events. Reading it one believes in what is taking place and participates along with the characters and their struggles to achieve equality and justice.” —Robert Joe Stout, winner of national journalism awards for news writing, author of Hidden Dangers: Mexico on the Brink of Disaster

“An intriguing and often funny depiction of widespread governmental corruption in a mid-1940s southern city and the political efforts of a band of World War II veterans and their allies to address it.” —Jere Krakoff, retired civil rights attorney with the ACLU National Prison Project in Washington, D.C.

“The Battle for Democracy, Anna Faktorovich’s second historical novel, focuses on events that transpired in Athens, Tennessee, in the wake of World War II, when returning veterans revolted against a corrupt city government. Athens becomes the mythical town of Sparta in Faktorovich’s riveting narrative. She takes a number of liberties with historical fact, reflecting her intent, as she puts it in her provocative introduction to the novel, to ‘step away from historical accuracy and into symbolic truth.’ In doing so she explores the frontier of historical fiction and the critical issue of how far an author can stretch or embroider historical truth in order to create a more artistic and meaningful story. Her characters, especially the returning veterans, are vividly rendered and her style in general is inventive and engaging. As the title indicates, The Battle for Democracy is representative of all those points on the historical timeline when democratic forces have battled greed and corruption, while also speaking directly and forcefully to our world today.” —Lucas Carpenter, C.H. Candler Professor Emeritus of English, Oxford College of Emory University

“Anna Faktorovich’s historical novel The Battle for Democracy illuminates a little-known but highly representative incident in American labor history—the battle of returning World War II veterans against the corrupt political machinery of Athens, Tennessee.  A timely reminder that the greatest threats to democracy come not from abroad but from our homegrown ideologues and zealots, whether of party, creed, or avarice.” —Robert Begiebing, founding director of the Low-Residency MFA in Fiction and Nonfiction, and Professor of English Emeritus at Southern New Hampshire University

“…Veterans of World War II returned from the front and were caught in a storm of wild corruption at home. Two conflicting morals cannot coexist. As a result, they stage a revolt of front-line soldiers against the corrupt Mayor and Sheriff. Social conflict heats up until they are forced to use weapons, and people are killed and injured. The President of the United States and the Governor of the State do not intervene because it is a battle for democracy. The insurgency is victorious. The novel is brilliant and enlightening.” –Vasyl Baziv, organizer of the Ukrainian National Democratic movement (1989- 1990), professor at the “Ukraine” International University, and ambassador

*****There are fascinating observations about cultural evolution… The detailed tactics of voter and election fraud is fascinating. Watch how it plays out today, in 2016, with occasional accusations of voter fraud in primary elections. There has not been much; where there has been some, a closer look reveals similar tactics. It is something for us to look at as we approach the contentious general election… And then there are the great, up-to-date discussion questions at the end…” –Ron, Ma Chung University, Indonesia, LibraryThing Early Review, “History & Sex & Violence In Sparta,” Read4Fun Blog

Tire Shop - 11 - Edited

Faktorovich - Burden - Cover - 9781681143231-Perfect

* Nominated for the 2017 Pushcart Prize

The Burden of Persuasion: ($20, 250pp, 6X9″: Softcover ISBN-13: 978-1-68114-323-1; $35: Hardcover ISBN-13: 978-1-68114-324-8; $2.99: EBook ISBN-13: 978-1-68114-325-5; LCCN: 2017937187; Mystery; Release: October 16, 2017; Purchase on Amazon or Barnes & Noble): The trauma of retiring early forces FBI Special Agent B. Clare Ryan to conduct an unsanctioned investigation into one of her first cases for the Bureau back in 1988. After an unfavorable verdict that was the culmination of eight years of litigation over claims of sexual harassment of Ida Callaghan by the management at the Bedford Bank in Manhattan, her father, Bradley, shot the judge over the case, Vincente Brunetti, to death at his suburban residence before committing suicide. The case is outrageous enough on its own, but Ryan is more interested in why her supervisor at the FBI forbade her from investigating it and destroyed the suicide note that Bradley left behind. This clue leads her to a diary that accuses many powerful men in New York of corruption. Now in 2013, the trail might be cold, but Ryan digs up ancient records and does everything possible, including breaking into private vaults and morgues to get to the truth, which turns out to be more explosive than she predicted. Ryan reproduces original diaries, notes, letters, police reports and other documents that finally sufficiently prove the case that both Bradley and his daughter lost. Ryan takes on the burden of persuasion and brings this case to the public at large, hiding under the veil of fiction what she cannot expose in the court of law. What was the connection between this federal Judge and a major bank like Bedford? What drove Bradley to homicide instead of another appeal? Why were there five hundred sparkling-new, but unused, Bronx-made Vachengrais autos parked outside Bradley’s precinct in 1969? What was Bradley’s boyhood friend, Terry, who later became the Chief of NYPD, doing on a military base in East Germany in 1955 that sent everybody in this story on a violent collision course? This mystery begins after the whodunit is long solved. Only hidden personal confessions can display what corruption has obstructed from the eyes of justice.

“An original novel of inherently fascinating complexity by an author with a genuine flair for narrative driven suspense replete with unexpected twists and turns. One of those exquisitely fashioned literary works of mystery and intrigue that will linger in the mind and memory of the reader long after the book itself has been finished and set back upon the shelf. Unreservedly recommended, especially for community library Mystery/Suspense collections. It should be noted for the personal reading lists of dedicated mystery buffs that it is also available in a paperback edition.” —Midwest Book Review: James A. Cox, January 2018, “Small Press Bookwatch”: The Mystery/Suspense Shelf

“Very gripping legal thriller! There’s more than just the narrative about a spectacular ending of a sexual harassment case. One can learn a lot about the culture of the New York Police in the second half of the 20th century, about the unraveling of sound banking and the workings of the American judicial authorities. ****½” –LibraryThing, Vienna Max, May 23, 2017

“Anna Faktorovich has created a beautiful work of fiction based on real and true injustices on many fronts. The fictional story is of retired FBI agent, Clare Ryan, who becomes almost obsessed with a murder that happened many years ago and the disturbing cover-up from her own agency. A murdered judge, the suicide of the murderer—everything seemed quite neatly tied up and resolved. That’s just the tip of the literary iceberg that I found this book to be. The story unfolded in such a pressure-cooking and mysterious way that you first don’t see it coming, and then as the momentum builds, you can’t outrun it. The frustration and devastation caused by multiple crooked systems (designed to serve and protect, dispense justice, honor codes of business and industry) that you feel for each and every character is palpable. The author’s impeccably researched and documented truths were part of the thrill to me. When I finished the book, upon realizing what I’d been reading, I was inspired to search for the real news stories that brought us Anna’s work. I don’t see how this story could have been told any better or from more interesting angles. My deepest gratitude goes out to Anna Faktorovich for such a compelling story with layers upon layers of emotional carnage that occur when corruption rules. How far can people be pushed before they strike back? *****” —Mary Adams, GoodReads, Law Librarian, Office of Attorney General Jeff Landry, Louisiana

“This is an extraordinary book – its combination of levels from the publisher indicating that a (perhaps) fictional former FBI agent uncovered diaries of the perpetrator of a crime (killing the judge in his daughter’s harassment trial) and then also finding the daughter Ida’s first-hand account – all interwoven with discussion of harassment and bad treatment (in the FBI too) of women, treated as secondhand citizens – even when we read the judge’s notes to his wife as she worked up his opinion for him – she too sees that the judgement/opinion he has evolved against the victim is flawed – but he is too lazy to alter it, or bring real thought to bear on it – and she caves (she also scrubs the floor, insisting piously that she ought to)… the underlying anger – acted out by an enraged father – bristles throughout the compelling story of her search into the crime that got away from her in the early days of her career – this is a terrific book, and deserves good attention. ****” –Leslie Gardner, co-founded Artellus Ltd.

Faktorovich - Cover - Fatal - 9781681144818-Perfect

Fatal Design: (Softcover: $15, 344pp, 6X9”: ISBN-13: 978-1-68114-481-8; Hardcover: $30: ISBN-13: 978-1-68114-482-5; EBook: $2.99: ISBN-13: 978-1-68114-483-2; LCCN: 2018910240; Edited by Jodie R. Reed, Kate Mitchell and Nicholas Birns; Fiction—Mystery & Detective—Police Procedural; Release: December 21, 2018): Lucinda Thoso, the new Murder Beat reporter, joins the busy newsroom of Cherub Daily. She is immediately thrust into the heart of Los Angeles’ gangs, vindictive lovers, corrupt bureaucracy, unintended bloodshed, and convoluted conspiracies. The hunt for the truth becomes personal when Lucinda receives a cryptic newspaper-clipping note in her own mailbox at Cherub that warns of an impending murder. When Lucinda arrives, the threat is proven true: the slashed body of a social worker is an unusual victim that shocks the city. Why would a killer leave a note inviting the discovery? Who would want to kill a lonely caseworker in her home, and yet leave her expensive possessions? Just as answers begin emerging, Lucinda and her police contact, Detective Clovis Pesupetep, are faced with a new gruesome murder of an administrative nurse. With her decades of experience with the macabre, Lucinda finds clues where a slew of techs and detectives fail to see them. On top of their oversights, Clovis’ partner, Didier, resists each clue Lucinda uncovers, blocking her progress. Despite great strides, Clovis and Lucinda discover that the realities of crime investigation within the LAPD are such that only subterfuge can lead to the hidden truth.

*2018 Pushcart Prize Nominee

Free Review Copies: Available to reviewers who plan on publishing the review, and to academics considering the book for their class(es). Email a request for a Review Copy to 

Anna Faktorovich is the Director and Founder of the Anaphora Literary Press. She taught college English for three years before focusing entirely on publishing. She has a PhD in English Literature. She published two scholarly books: Rebellion as Genre in the Novels of Scott, Dickens and Stevenson (McFarland, 2013) and The Formulas of Popular Fiction: Elements of Fantasy, Science Fiction, Romance, Religious and Mystery Novels (McFarland, 2014). She published two additional scholarly books with Anaphora: Gender Bias in Mystery and Romance Novel Publishing: Mimicking Masculinity and Femininity and Wendell Berry’s New Agrarianism and Beyond. She also published two poetry collections Improvisational Arguments (Fomite Press, 2011) and Battle for Athens (Anaphora, 2012), an illustrated children’s book, The Sloths and I (Anaphora, 2013) and two novellas, The Great Love of Queen Margaret, the Vampire and Campaigns Against the Olden (Grim’s Labyrinth Publishing). She won the MLA Bibliography, Kentucky Historical Society and the Brown University research fellowships.


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