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How to See Beauty in Life: An Artistic Approach to Happier Living: ($15, 100pp, 6X9″, Print ISBN: 978-1-68114-205-0, $30: Hardcover: 978-1-68114-264-7, $2.99: EBook ISBN: 978-1-68114-206-7, LCCN: 2015915439, March 15, 2016; Purchase on Amazon or Barnes & Noble; Buy directly from Anaphora via SquareUp or PayPal): The ability to experience beauty in life is normal and natural. Unfortunately, few people are able to experience it due to the difficulties and personal issues in our lives.  This book is about recognizing these problems and providing solutions so that life can be experienced in its natural and most beautiful state.  Music is beauty. I have been a professional musician most of my life; therefore I have a great well of information to draw from. This book will open your mind to the unlimited sources of beauty available by taking you through an intensive journey into beliefs, the inner world of perception, the nature of reality and the nature of change, all done through unique methods and philosophies. I have had two major open-heart surgeries, the most recent one while writing this book. My aorta ruptured because of a weakness caused by the first surgery and almost killed me requiring extensive recovery time. Having gone through this, I decided to let the words in this book help me by approaching it as if it were written by someone else. With the help this book has given me, I feel confident that it can help others as well. I have chosen subjects that I believe are the most important to gaining personal satisfaction, finding peace and placing readers in a state of mind that enables them to experience beauty in life. I hope you will enjoy it!

North Wood: As a professional violinist, he has worked with world famous award winning artists including Barbra Streisand, John Williams, Placido Domingo and many more. He has played on the soundtracks for Academy Award Winning movies and on over two hundred major motion pictures including Schindler’s List, A few Good Men and Mrs. Doubtfire. He has also performed with nationally recognized orchestral ensembles. As a professional keynote speaker, North Wood has given keynote presentations to countless corporations and associations including New York Life, Kaiser Permanente, Century 21 and many more.  North Wood is an author, teacher and has hosted his own cable television program discussing his techniques regarding the nature of talent and achievement.  He is also a member of eight major speakers Bureaus. Website:

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