Howard W. Robertson

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Love in the Cretaceous: ($20, 130pp, 6X9”: Softcover ISBN-13: 978-1-68114-332-3; $35: Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-68114-333-0; $2.99: EBook ISBN-13: 978-1-68114-334-7; LCCN: 2017905568; Literary Fiction: Genetic Engineering; October 15, 2017; Purchase on Amazon or Barnes & Noble): takes place in a dinosaur park in Oregon a hundred years in the future. Ted Beebe has lost the love of his life and must suddenly find his way alone in old age. He finds young people to take the place of his wife and himself in assuring the survival of Cretaceous World, the park his wife and he created. Global warming has proceeded as predicted, and the fate of Homo sapiens has become obviously uncertain. People come to see the genetically engineered recreations of dinosaurs and are made more aware of humanity’s own vulnerability to extinction. Ted succeeds in creating a new family structure whose three generations will guide the park through the immediate future. He also keeps alive his wife’s memory while coping with the challenges of the uncertain future.

“The latest from Robertson uses the wonders of the dinosaur park as a backdrop to explore the idiosyncrasies of love, grief, and newfound connections. The descriptions of Cretaceous World and its formidable inhabitants are vivid and realistic and Robertson displays a wry sense of humor and a panoply of intriguing characters. Most of the action takes place in the theme park and Robertson draws several thought-provoking parallels between the dinosaurs and their human caretakers… Robertson’s playful and keen sense of humor is another highlight, particularly the teasing banter between Lana and Ted and a popular local restaurant whimsically named Hominid’s Delight.” —Kirkus Review, November 14, 2017

Robertson’s “writing was electric and kept me entertained and thrilled from beginning to end! To conclude my thoughts on this brilliant tale, I would say if you are looking for an intriguing story that will thrill you from beginning to end then this excellent book is for you! This engaging tale gets Five Stars from me!” –Red Headed Book Lover Blog, September 3, 2017

“Rollicking, fresh, engaging, offbeat, zany, memorable.” –Publishers Weekly

Fans of Margaret Atwood’s dystopian books Oryx and Crake and Life after the Flood will find much to enjoy in Robertson’s ebullient (in comparison) view of this future world.  Robertson moves outside of the moral questions of corruption, decay, and purity to look at life as an endless flux.  Humanity is connected to a system that evolves in the context of constant change.” –Matt Briggs, American Book Award Winner

Love in the Cretaceous turns everything you learned from Jurassic Park on its head. In Robertson’s Oregon, one hundred years from now, dinosaurs roam the earth, while humans are busy cutting off their own exit. Robertson, a notable local poet and fiction writer, throws his readers into the soup with love, loss, and extinction (and a very sinister cameo); the thrills in this one are metaphysical as well as primordial, as you’ll see when you dip in.” –

*****4.55/5 on GoodReads from 19 reviews of Love in the Cretaceous

Winner of the Elite Choice Book Award: Science Fiction Category

Independent Press Award: 2020 Distinguished Favorites

Best Book in the Category of Literary Fiction: 2018 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award

Pinnacle Award

Book Excellence Award Finalist

Book Excellence Award Finalist-LC-png

Howard W. Robertson lives in Eugene, Oregon, where his ancestors arrived as members of the Lost Wagon Train of 1853. He has previously published two books of fiction and ten books of poetry. He has won the Sinclair Poetry Prize, the Robinson Jeffers Prize for Poetry, the Bumbershoot Award, and numerous other competitions. His work has been published in Nest, Literal Latté, Nimrod, Fireweed, and many other journals. His poetry has been anthologized in many collections, including The Clear Cut Future and The Ahsahta Anthology: Poetry of the American West. His work has been deeply influenced by a lifelong love of Russian literature. For more about Howard W. Robertson, see his webpage:

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