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Pushcart Prize 2016 Nominee

Forever Gentleman: ($40, cloth hardcover, 480pp, 6X9″; ISBN: 978-1-68114-229-6; $25: Paperback: 978-1-68114-280-7; $2.99: EBSCO EBook ISBN: 978-1-68114-261-6, LCCN: 2016900567; Edited by Erin Willard; Purchase on Amazon, Kindle or Barnes & Noble; Release: July 11, 2016): In a style reminiscent of nineteenth-century authors, Forever Gentleman is a sweeping saga of suspense, romance, mystery, and music. Travel back in time and experience Victorian London at its best and worst—a city of beauty and brilliance, and a city steeped in filth and despair. Meet Nathan Sinclair, a struggling young architect and gifted pianist who lives in the two vastly different worlds, mingling in high society while dwelling in suffocating debt and poverty. While performing at a gathering of London’s elite, Nathan meets Jocelyn Charlesworth, a breathtakingly beautiful but temperamental celebrity heiress. He is smitten, though she publicly humiliates him; their paths will intersect again in a most shocking manner.

Meanwhile, Nathan makes the acquaintance of Regina Lancaster, a woman of remarkable inner beauty, despite her pedestrian appearance. He must decide whether to follow his heart and pursue Regina, or flee England altogether to avoid imprisonment from a miserly creditor. In his darkest hour, Nathan is offered a tantalizing proposition that might change everything, but that comes at considerable risk. Nathan must play his role perfectly, or he may lose his reputation, livelihood, and very life to the powerful echelons of Victorian society.

Full of unexpected twists and turns, the book races towards a thrilling climax that will determine Nathan’s ultimate destiny.

Forever Gentleman is a historical novel set in Victorian London and blends the author’s love for architecture, music and history as it steeps its story in the sights, sounds, and flavors of the era and follows Renaissance man Nathan, whose struggles as an architect and a musician bring him in contact with the ladies and lords of high society./ Nathan’s gifts bring him love in unexpected places; but they also are challenged by his economic misfortunes and by threats that give him clear choices between romance or seeking safety in another country./ From the squalor of Debtor’s Prison to judges, courtroom dramas, and the beckoning possibilities of a new life that takes his beloved piano concertos to new heights, Forever Gentleman is about a young man finding his place in society and the social trials and snafus (and romance) that confront him along the way./ Readers who like atmospheric, sweeping historical sagas cemented by the personal goals, observations, and challenges of protagonists who interact on many levels will relish Forever Gentleman‘s special ability to turn out a rollicking good read while remaining true to the history and influences of its times./ It’s a romance, it’s a mystery, and it’s a history all wrapped into one satisfyingly beautiful production, and is highly recommended for anyone who appreciates a depth and attention to detail that results in a powerful story line.” — D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, April 2016, Midwest Book Review

“***** It has been some time since I found myself swept away in a piece of historical fiction. Mr. Colton brings his readers directly into the world of the wealthy and the poor, delineating the distinctions with great dexterity. I loved that the main story was told from Nathan’s perspective, as I could really get into his head. Still, the ending surprised me and deviated from what I usually expect in historical novels of this type. I wasn’t sure if I liked Nathan at times, as he seemed to seek fame more than honor, but this gave him a flaw. I appreciated that he wasn’t perfect, and it made me empathize with his plight. Forever Gentleman by Roland Colton is not a novel to rush, but each page is to be savored as he paints a delicate picture of Nathan’s life, while still keeping the plot balanced. Easily one of the best books I have read so far this year.” –Heather Osborne, author/ director, Goodreads review

“Intrigue, romantic rivalries, and mistaken identities abound in this Victorian drama… an exciting read, packed with mysteries and unexpected twists… engrossing novel…” —Kirkus Reviews

Roland Colton was awarded a bachelor’s degree from the University of Utah and a juris doctorate from the University of San Diego School of Law. He has had a long career as a litigator and trial attorney. Trained in his youth as a classical pianist, he is a frequent performer at public and private gatherings. He also possesses a passion for architecture and the French language. Colton lives with his family in Southern California and France.

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