Stephen Lefebure

By: Stephen Lefebure

By: Stephen Lefebure

Rocks Full of Sky ($15 – Click to Purchase, ISBN: 978-1-937536-39-8, Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-68114-153-4, LCCN: 2013934576, 6X9″, 88pp): is a collection of incantatory poems exploring landscape, wildness, and the human spirit. Schooled in traditional forms of rhyme and meter, Stephen Lefebure writes poetry wide open to the vastness of the American Southwest, and to metaphysical suggestion, the tides of time, and the elusive image of eternity as well. The spell these poems cast persists far beyond the moment of their reading.

Stephen Lefebure’s poems have appeared in many literary and environmental publications, including Birmingham Poetry Review, ISLE, Kansas Quarterly, Weber Studies, Wilderness Magazine, and the anthology Wild Song: Poems of the Natural World. Nine of his poems has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize, and one, “Arches,” was set to music by a classical composer.  Lefebure lives and writes in Evergreen, Colorado, and travels widely in the U.S. and abroad.

“In Rocks Full of Sky, Stephen Lefebure realizes unaccustomed perspectives on the forms of the given world and our experience in it. Love, mortality, loss, and longing imbue these poems with their power. Lefebure at his best sounds like no other poet. Landscapes of the outer world interfuse as one with the contours of his mind and spirit. His voice has the quality of chant and prophecy, bearing gravitas with measured grace, touching ancient mysteries with questions we never thought to ask.”

          —John Daniel, authored Of Earth and Rogue River Journal


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