Marketing Services

Luvaas - Press Release

Stylish press release and letter creation

Releases emailed to thousands of newspaper and reviewer contacts

Press releases created with:,,, which submit the news to Google and other search engines

Distribution through Ingram to most major worldwide online and traditional distributors, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and BooksAMillion

Individual pages for each author on the Anaphora webpage: These pages are updated with links to authors’ reviews, interviews, and other media content, as it comes in

Electronic (pdf, mobi or epub) review copies provided for reviewers and acquisition representatives in Box

Amazon LookInside files submission

Award nomination mailing and processing for select titles, or upon request

Listing for each title in the Anaphora Catalog, which can be ordered as a printed version on Amazon or Barnes and Noble, or accessed for free on the Catalog tab. Annual or bi-annual Anaphora catalog mailings are sent to the top 200 US libraries.

Potential distribution through Coutts Information Services

Potential distribution with Follett Corporation, which has a distributor contract with Anaphora

International printing and distribution through Ingram in the US, UK, and Australia

Marketing discounts through membership in IBPA and Ingram Complete

Acquisition queries emailed to bookstores and libraries

Anaphora exhibitor tables market the Anaphora brand at conferences, such as ALA, SIBA, Miami Book Fair, and SAMLA

Bookmarks, t-shirts, banners, and other materials can be designed with specific books and authors in-mind. Prior printing relationships exist with Staples’ print shop and

YouTube book trailers

Listings in Bowker’s Books in Print and the UK Nielsen PubWeb

US LCCN and UK Library of Congress book registration

Order fulfillment, with 40-55% discounts offered to bookstores and distributors


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