Mark Schlack

Schlack - Cover - 9781681144849-Perfect_FACTORE.indd

Replay Earth: (Softcover: $20, 286pp, 6X9”: 978-1-68114-484-9; Hardcover: $35: 978-1-68114-485-6; EBook: $2.99: 978-1-68114-486-3; Amazon Soft Cover: ISBN: 979-8-595546-26-3; Kindle eBook: ASIN: B07NPT8JT7; LCCN: 2018910410; Story with E.B. Weisstein; Cover design by: Erin Farrell; Fiction—Science Fiction—High Tech; Release: December 15, 2018; Purchase on Amazon or Barnes & Noble): Raefe and Lina are two twenty-somethings trying to start a life in the mid-21st century. He’s beset by crippling migraines, she’s trying to outpace the horrors of the genocide she escaped as a child. Their lives are upended by floods that turn 10 million people on the East Coast into refugees.

But all is not lost. Twenty light years away, a group of ancient and advanced alien civilizations known as the Guardians works to nudge intelligent life in the galaxy past the point of self-destruction that humans are teetering on. They realize that Raefe’s headaches stem from his particularly strong empathic nature, a clue that can be the key to human survival. They make contact with Raefe and begin to show him how to use those powers for good.

But all is not well among the aliens either. A rogue Guardian seizes control of the group, perverting its aims and sabotaging their mission on Earth.

What follows is a 30-year adventure in which Raefe and Lina ultimately lead a billion refugees around the world to gradually become a new kind of nation, with new kinds of economic and social relationships. Inside the Guardians, Diver and her allies lead a guerrilla campaign to restore the group to its mission and continue to mentor Earth. It all comes to a head in 2082 in an inspiring showdown that changes history forever.

“An imaginative and inspiring look at how we might meet the challenge of climate change and escalating social dissolution. If only everyone in Washington would read it!” —Stanley Weisser, Screen Writer for the critically acclaimed Wall Street, W, Project X and others

Replay Earth weaves a complex story line around a collapsing human society… Mark Schlack not only builds a fascinating and thoroughly convincing alien reality but also shows us aspects of human society we may not be familiar with… This is an unusual and highly recommended novel, written by an author with a rare ability to present a very big picture at the highest level of skill and imagination. ****” —Judith Rook, Readers’ Favorite

Mark Schlack is a Boston-area journalist who has covered science and technology for more than 30 years. He’s been following climate science, advanced physics, evolutionary biology and the chaos of American politics, all of which play a role in Replay Earth.


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