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The Encyclopedic Philosophy of Michel Serres: Writing The Modern World and Anticipating the Future: ($20, 268pp, 6X9″, ISBN-13: 978-1-68114-234-0, $35: Hardcover ISBN-978-1-68114-248-7; $2.99: EBSCO EBook ISBN-978-1-68114-249-4, LCCN: 2016932552, August 15, 2016; Purchase on Amazon or Barnes & Noble): This monograph represents the first comprehensive study dedicated to the interdisciplinary French philosopher Michel Serres. As the title of this project unequivocally suggests, Serres’s prolific body of work paints a rending portrait of what it means for a sentient being to live in the modern world. This book reflects Serres’s profound conviction that “philosopher c’est anticiper”/ ‘to philosophize (about something) is to anticipate’ (“Philosophie Magazine”). According to Serres, a philosopher is someone who possesses an extremely broad base of knowledge coupled with the uncanny ability to envision what might transpire based upon his or her astute observations concerning phenomena that are already starting to unfold in a given society. Serres’s explanation of what engaging in philosophical inquiry entails encourages us to imagine all of the present and future ramifications of certain trajectories that are clearly visible all around us. From 1968 to the present, Serres has been generating forceful, “prophetic” visions in his works that mingle philosophy, religion, theology, contemporary science, and literature.

“Moser draws on a wide range of Serres’s writing to show that his approach… excels in the difficult and enviable combination of being both fundamental and practical. One of the book’s merits is that it situates Serres’s thought widely… in the context of theories and studies from disciplines such as psychology and sociology, as well as philosophy… An English-language monograph on Serres’s work is long overdue, and it is to be hoped that The Encyclopedic Philosophy of Michel Serres will fan the flames of interest in this thinker ripe for discovery and deployment across a broad set of contemporary fields and concerns.” –Christopher Watkin, Monash University, Australia, Modern & Contemporary France

“Lynn Holt, interim department head for classical and modern languages and literatures, expressed pride in Moser’s newly completed work./ ‘Dr. Moser is already internationally known for his work on Nobel Prize winner J.M.G. Le Clézio. In his latest book, Dr. Moser breaks new ground in establishing an organic and holistic eco-criticism, firmly establishing him as an expert on contemporary French thought. MSU is fortunate to have him in the Department of Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures. CMLL is rapidly becoming known as a center of expertise in cutting-edge research into transnational language and culture,’ Holt said./ Moser’s latest book has been the No. 1 new release in two different academic categories on Amazon.” —Mississippi State University: Newsroom: “MSU’s Moser to sign new book on influential French philosopher,” Karyn Brown, September 27, 2016

“The first comprehensive study dedicated to the interdisciplinary French philosopher and author Michel Serres. A seminal and insightful work of simply outstanding scholarship and very highly recommended for college and university library Contemporary Philosophy collections in general, and Michel Serres supplemental studies reading lists in particular.” —Midwest Book Review, Greenspan’s Bookshelf, June 2017

“Despite a voluminous bibliography over the past thirty years, Michel Serres does not appear to have the same currency in intellectual discourse in France and abroad as his near contemporaries… nor indeed many later figures… In this wide-ranging and provocative book Keith Moser proposes that one of the reasons for this lies in the ‘encyclopedic’ or ‘panoptic’ nature and style of Serres’s thinking and writing… Moser’s book is a contribution to this, both in terms of its generally elucidatory purpose and its strong advocacy of Serres as a thinker whose ‘prophetic’ and encyclopaedic thought is essential to the contemporary moment.” –Patrick Ffrench, King’s College London, United Kingdom, French Studies (Oxford UP)

“Moser’s new study aims to reconsider the work of Serres in a way that mobilizes his cross-disciplinary philosophy to address the concerns of the present… For Moser, reassessing the usefulness of Serres’s philosophy has become urgent in the Anthropocene, the age in which humankind is altering the very structure of the planet through processes such as global climate change… Moser makes a convincing case that the thought of Michel Serres needs to play a more prominent role in the debates that surround humanity’s most pressing problems. As always, Serres’s thought revitalizes contemporary debates, and Moser’s study clearly and cogently brings some of its most intriguing strains to the fore.” —Roland Racevskis, The University of Iowa, Contemporary French Civilization

“In this comprehensive and insightful introduction, Keith Moser travels the highways and byways of Michel Serres’s thought to show how it both illuminates pressing contemporary issues and presages potential futures-to-come. This is a remarkable achievement and a genuine gift to readers both new and old to Serres’s work.” —Steven D. Brown, Professor of Social and Organizational Psychology, University of Leicester, United Kingdom

“At a time in which overspecialization hangs over all disciplines, thinkers who have a global, interdisciplinary base of knowledge are quite rare.  Therefore, I would like to laud Keith Moser’s initiative to dedicate an exhaustive study to one of these thinkers, Michel Serres, who thanks to his ‘encyclopedic’ knowledge, has the ability to understand a rapidly changing world and to predict ‘the shape of things to come.’ In short, an essential book for becoming aware of the threat of a return of obscurantism—despite the development of new technologies—and of the necessity of a new century of Lumières.” —Issa Asgarally, Associate Professor, Mauritius Institute of Education, Linguist, author and co-founder, along with J.M.G. Le Clézio, of the Foundation for Interculturality and Peace

“A much needed English language introduction to the ideas of a major French eco-philosopher and pacifist whose prophetic work spans the period from the late 60’s to the present. Moser’s engaging prose makes this study a great read, and he demonstrates a formidable grasp on the connections within Serres’ work, as well as the links between Serres and other major twentieth century thinkers.” —Tom Trzyna, Professor Emeritus of English, Seattle Pacific University

“Professor Keith Moser’s treatment of Michel Serres’ philosophy in the context of contemporary 21st-century globalization is both timely and thorough. His provocative critique of societal malaise, from our relationship to the planet, to ourselves, to each other, and to technology, as well as the solutions envisioned through an erudite and thoughtful analysis of Serres’ entire philosophical corpus is a remarkable contribution to both the fields of Philosophy and French Studies.” —Isaac Joslin, The University of Denver

“Entertaining, gloomy, and sharp, Moser’s careful and exhaustive exploration of Michel Serres’ encyclopedic philosophy unveils the eccentricity of a rare thinker who has managed to shake the insularity of academic specialty. The range of topics tackled in this book – with the help of a diverse arsenal of disciplines – leaves the reader better able to think about a world in which the more technological and scientific advancements arise, the more unknowable it becomes. Moser believes that the world we’re coming into was not only foreshadowed by Serres, but necessitates his thinking to best wrestle with it.” —Zachary Siegel, Independent Researcher, Journalist, and Contributor to

“Keith Moser’s pioneering vision of the post-Marxist era, as reflected in the syncretism of philosophy, religion, theology, science and literature in Michel Serres’ body of work during the last half a century, transforms human consciousness beyond its illusory genophobia that has damaged the very semiotics of life. Moser’s monograph taps into a tremendous flow of energy that evokes a passionate desire in a dead humanity to re-live and re-think.” —Professor Ananta Ch. Sukla, Editor, Journal of Comparative Literature and Aesthetics

“This interdisciplinary study mirrors Michel Serres’s relatively unknown philosophy itself. Its global focus represents a new epistemological necessity, the only approach up to the challenge of saving our planet and the life it supports at a critical moment in our evolution.  From an interdisciplinary angle, which integrates myths and all forms of knowledge, Moser succeeds in examining the most poignant problems ever experienced by the human species.  Written in a simple and accessible style, with sound reasoning that makes connections to all subjects, Moser’s book is a tour de force that is highly recommended to all readers.” —Panagnimba Parfait Bonkoungou, The University of Texas, El Paso

“Moser’s The Encyclopedic Philosophy of Michel Serres is a thorough and relevant examination of the work of the acclaimed interdisciplinary philosopher and pacifist Michel Serres and of Serres as a sentient… who has a solid grasp of the human condition in today’s interdependent global society… anyone that has an interest in Serres will find the book stimulating and enjoying.” —Eileen M. Angelini, Canisius College, United States, South Atlantic Review

“This monograph represents the first comprehensive study devoted to the French interdisciplinary philosopher Michel Serres. As the title of this project unequivocally suggests, the prolific work of Serres portrays the poignant portrait of a conscious modern being. This book reflects the conviction of the author that “philosophizing is anticipating” (“Philosophy Magazine”)… From 1968 to the present day, Serres provides powerful and “prophetic” images in which philosophy, religion, theology, contemporary science, and literature coexist and complement each other.” –New Release: Fabula: La Recherche en Litterature, Marc Escola, November 21, 2016

“In his assessment and presentation of the work and worldview of renegade French philosopher Michel Serres, Keith Moser gives us such an energetic and engaging view of this modern philosopher that readers will feel compelled to read all of Serres’s works… Serres’s philosophy is smart and entrancing in its own right, but so is Moser’s take on what he has read and what he hopes you will read in the future… Moser attaches abstract ideas to practical realities and then offers a very readable text that invites us to keep reading… It is an informative and immensely enjoyable read.” –Kim Idol, Popular Culture Review, October 24, 2016

Keith Moser is Associate Professor of French at Mississippi State University. He is the author of four other books including A Practical Guide to French Harki Literature, J.M.G. Le Clézio: A Concerned Citizen of the Global Village, J.M.G. Le Clézio dans la forêt des paradoxes (co-editor with Bruno Thibault), and Privileged Moments’ in the Novels and Short Stories of J.M.G. Le Clézio: His Contemporary Development of a Traditional French Literary Device. Moser has also contributed approximately forty essays to peer-reviewed publications such as The French Review, The International Journal of Francophone Studies, Romance Notes, Dalhousie French Studies, Les Cahiers Le Clézio, Modern Language Review, French Cultural Studies, Forum for Modern Language Studies (Oxford UP), Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment (Oxford UP), and The Pennsylvania Literary Journal.

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