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Dr. Anna Faktorovich is the Director and Founder of the Anaphora Literary Press. She previously taught for over four years at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania and the Middle Georgia State College. She has a Ph.D. in English Literature and Criticism, an MA in Comparative Literature, and a BA in Economics. She published two academic books with McFarland: Rebellion as Genre in the Novels of Scott, Dickens and Stevenson (2013) and The Formulas of Popular Fiction: Elements of Fantasy, Science Fiction, Romance, Religious and Mystery Novels (2014). She published a poetry collection, Improvisational Arguments (Fomite Press, 2011). She published two fantasy novellas with Grim’s Labyrinth Publishing: The Great Love of Queen Margaret, the Vampire (2014) and The Campaigns against the Olden: Kingdoms of Laruta (2014). She has been editing and writing for the independent, tri-annual Pennsylvania Literary Journal since 2009, and the Cinematic Codes Review since 2016. She has presented her research at the MLA, SAMLA, EAPSU, SWWC, BWWC and many other conferences. And she won the MLA Bibliography, Kentucky Historical Society and Brown University Military Collection fellowships.

Pennsylvania Literary Journal’s Contributors:

Editorial Board

Dr. Robert Hauptman, Journal of Information Ethics (Editor)

Dr. William Irwin, The Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Series (Series Editor)

Dr. Nicholas Birns, The New School, Eugene Lang College (Associate Professor), Vargas Llosa and Latin American Politics (Palgrave Macmillan 2010, Editor)

Dr. Douglas J. King, Gannon University (Associate Professor)

Past Interns:

Summer 2020:

Kate Lucas, College of William & Mary, junior

Cynthia Lin, Yale University, sophomore

Regina T. H. Ta, Stanford University, freshman

Spring 2020:

Brenna Nelson, Pace University, MS student

Jonah James, Ball State University, senior

Brooke Anderson, Oklahoma State University, senior

Fall 2019:

Meghan Plourde, University of Connecticut, junior

Daniel Pierce, Georgia Southern University, alumnus

Adrian Howard, Christopher Newport University, alumnus

Summer 2019:

Madison Burtner, Pensacola Christian College, senior

Savannah Sanocki, New York University, alumnus

Kate Taylor, Fordham University, junior

Becca Saltzman, Georgetown University, MA student

Cassandra Dellinger, Susquehanna University, sophomore

Anna Chavez, Columbia University, sophomore

Erin Anne Elizabeth Smith, University of Virginia, junior

Spring 2019:

Sabrina Clevenger, Yale University, alumnus

Jacqueline Oshiro, University of Chicago, alumnus

Matthew Love, Trinity University, alumnus

Fall 2018:

Kinsey Cantrell, Miami University, MA

Mary Washburn, Guilford College, alumnus

Breanna (Bree) Bolton, University of California, Santa Cruz, senior

Emily Lippman, Rutgers University, alumnus

Arik Hardin, Michigan State University, alumnus

Summer 2018:

Kristen Cole, Southern New Hampshire University, MA alumnus

Elizabeth Coletti, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, freshman

Julie Wong Shi, University of Toronto, junior

Michaela Bluedorn, Westminster College, junior

Salim Dharamshi, University of California, Berkeley, junior

Claire Adler, Columbia University, freshman

Danielle Collins, University of Southern California, sophomore

Danielle Willett, Central Michigan University, alumnus

Sarah Kettles, University College, Dublin, MA

Spring 2018:

Destany Atkinson, University of Cincinnati, senior

Carol Wise, University of Georgia, senior

Agnes Theresa Chang, Williams College, alumnus

Jodie R. Reed, Falmouth University (UK), alumnus

Alicia S. Jacques, New York University, MS student

 Kathleen Mitchell, Boston College, MA alumnus

Fall 2017:

Shauneice Robinson, Emerson College, MA student

Eva Weidenfeld, Western Washington University, junior

Mallory Lena Cormack, Tulane University, MA student

Mitchell Postich, Winthrop University, alumnus

Clifford Robbins, Hampshire College, alumnus

Codi Reynolds, Hamilton College, alumnus

Emily Mullaney, Johnson State College, alumnus

Summer 2017:

Ezra Koch, University of San Francisco, MFA alumnus

Hannah Haney, University of Cincinnati, MA student

Margaret Blatz, New York University, sophomore

Rebecca Baird, University of Dundee (Scotland), MA student

Mallory Lena Cormack, Tulane University, MA student

Spring 2017:

Emily Prescott, Boston University, alumnus

Jenna Fagan, Emerson College, MA student

Laura McCarthy, Rosemont College, MA student

Nicholas Pagano, New York University, junior

Fall 2016:

Catherine Zheng, Harvard University, sophomore

Kyle Domek, University of Minnesota, Twin-Cities, sophomore

Alejandra Timmins, Ohio State University, junior

Hope Jordan, Southern New Hampshire University, senior

Joe Pileski, Ohio Wesleyan University, alumnus

Christina Epperson, Virginia Commonwealth University, alumnus

Summer 2016:

Theresa Ellsworth, Occidental College, junior

Taylor Scuglik, Indiana University, alumnus

Aleesha Paz, University of Sydney, alumnus

Garrett Donnelly, Columbia University, sophomore

Zara Liu, Simon Fraser University, junior

Sarah Jane Jennings, University of Copenhagen, MA student

Samantha C. Lauer, Bucknell University, alumnus

Brianna Nicole Dougherty, Berry College, junior

Samanda Stroud, Memorial University of Newfoundland, alumnus

Reyna Cohen, University of Edinburgh, sophomore

Spring 2016:

Atlanta Rae Neudorf, Durham University, junior

Hannah Andrade, Point Loma Nazarene University, senior

Taylor Simonds, University of Central Florida, senior

Fall 2015:

Cortney Radocaj, New York University, junior

Hannah Jacobsen, California State University, Los Angeles, senior

Christina Wordham, Christopher Newport University, alumnus

Victoria Wong, University of California, Davis, alumnus

Kristen Noy, Queens College, alumnus

Sofia Nehlawi, Manhattanville College, alumnus

Summer 2015:

Richard Alan Porteous, University of Oxford, MA student

Keri Kaufmann, Trinity College Dublin, sophomore

Tim Barzditis, Lynchburg College, MA student

Philip Jordan Baker, North Carolina State University, MA student

Olivia W. McCoy, University of Georgia, sophomore

Liz Vogt, University of California, Berkeley, alumnus

Thelonia Saunders, Cornell University, junior

Lisa Terwilleger, Indiana University, Bloomington, freshman

Lindsay Fischer, University of Oklahoma, MA student

Spring 2015:

Kaitlyn Stunkard, Eastern Washington University, MFA alumnus

Jessie Wheeler, New York University, alumnus

Fall 2014:

Sarah Friddle, Kennesaw State University, MA alumnus

Emily Lin, Georgetown University, senior

Sally Oliver, Lancaster University, MA alumnus

Summer 2014:

Matilda Dorothy McDonald, University of Oxford, UK, alumnus

Unnati Shah, University of Warwick, UK, sophomore

Yananisai Christa Makuwa, Cornell University, sophomore

Emma Miller, Columbia University, sophomore

Abigail Rowe, New York University, freshman

Gabriella Catalano, Emerson College, MA student (Marketing)

Spring 2014:

Courtney Carroll, George Washington University, MA student

Rachel Diane Polston, University of Tennessee, senior

Veronica Alvarado, Wesleyan University, junior

Summer 2013:

Cameron Barney, Boston University, sophmore

Mackenzie Deary, Georgetown University, junior

Drew Weitman, Brown University, sophmore

Kevin Marker, Florida State University, College of Law, JD alumnus

Spring 2013:

Catherine W. Griffin, Columbia University School of Journalism, MS alumnus

Chelsey Gruetzmacher, De Paul University, MA student

Monique Delene Sanchiz, Universidad Católica Santa María la Antigua, junior

Ekta Naik, University of Vermont, alumnus

Reina Glenn, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), senior

Samantha Oppenheimer, University of Kansas, senior

Jamie Monaco, Adelphi University, alumnus

Mattie Koerner, St. Olaf College, senior

Sarah Brunstad, Fordham University, MA student

Brianna St. John, College of Saint Rose, alumnus

Katharine Wilson, Biola University, alumnus

Meredith Boe, DePaul University, MA student

Spring 2012:

Katherine Weikel, Rutgers, alumnus

Todd Glass, University of Illinois, alumnus

Jessica Braud, Saint Louis University, alumnus

Emily E. Crawford-Margison, Wright State University, alumnus

Meredith Carroll, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, alumnus

Emily Wenzl, University of Northern Colorado, alumnus

Dawn Carroll, Western Washington University, senior

Summer 2012:

Emily Eckart, Harvard University, senior

Elizabeth DeBusk, College of William and Mary, junior

Zoey DiMauro, College of William and Mary, sophmore

Kelly Meany, Rutgers University, junior

Katherine Wertz, Missouri State University, Springfield, MA graduate student

Lindsey Julia Simon, University of Chicago, freshman

Haley Hepburn, Appalachian State University, junior

Kristen O’Brien, Marist College, sophmore

Charlotte Roth, Franklin and Marshall College, sophmore

Alec Johnsson, Haverford College, freshman

Jonathan Joseph Martino, University of San Francisco, M.F.A. English student

Richard A. Johnson, University of Kent, senior

Josh Newman, SUNY Buffalo, MA graduate student

Alicia Nichols, Redlands University, junior

Charles Schultz, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art

Fall 2012:

Jacquelyn Heim, Cornell University, alumnus

Eliza Rae Lamson, Santa Clara University, senior

Samantha Munoz, Eastern Connecticut State University, alumnus

Jesseca Moore, University of Gloucestershire, alumnus

Amber Sumpter, Saint John’s University, freshman

Laura Knight, City University of Seattle, alumnus

Brittany Rubio, Binghamton University, alumnus

Theresa Rimel, University of Denver, alumnus

Phillip Yakushev, New York University, junior

Elise Wallace, Wake Forest University, alumnus

Stephanie Baltis, State University of New York College at Oneonta, alumnus

Stephanie Felice, College of William and Mary, senior

Note: We are always looking for assistant editors, board members and interns. Email a resume to apply to All positions are unpaid.

Credit for Model in the Logo: Lindsey Harrington (Tucson, AZ)

Anaphora Literary Press
Anaphora Literary Press

6 Responses to “Staff”

  1. Sean boyd January 23, 2017 at 7:08 pm #

    Do you represent memoirs?


  2. archecotech January 15, 2017 at 1:55 pm #

    Hello Anna,

    My name is Steve Hague, Bob Van Laehoven and I have been collaborating about publishing his book, Baudelaire’s Revenge here in Russia. I moved to Kazan, Russia five years ago after I married my wife who is Russian. Bob and I were hoping to be able to talk to you about our project here and your thoughts about it. If you could contact me I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Steve


    • Anaphora Literary Press January 15, 2017 at 7:49 pm #

      Dear Steve: Thanks for your note. Sure, I’m always happy to work with Bob. I’ll reply to his email and we can figure it out. Sincerely, Anna


      • archecotech January 15, 2017 at 9:47 pm #

        Great, let’s try to talk in the next couple of days.



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