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Kirschner - Cover - 9781681143880-PerfectDo you want to self-publish your book with CreateSpace, Lulu, Lightning Source, or one of the other self-publishing platforms? Publishing a book yourself means that you receive all of the royalties from the publication. One of the hurdles to successful self-publishing is creating a book design that looks professional and appealing at a cheap cost. Anaphora has had many submissions from writers who have written books that do not have a ready market and cannot be published with Anaphora traditionally. These writers frequently express an intent to self-publish instead. To answer this demand, Anaphora is now offering the cheapest book design and formatting services in the market to anybody that submits a request. Look over the Catalog to review Anaphora’s previous cover designs. You can see Anaphora interior designs in LookInsides on Amazon, if you search for “Anaphora Literary Press.” You will get the same quality of book design as with any other Anaphora title. Anaphora can find public domain images to use with your design. As an alternative, you can buy images from Getty, or any other image seller. You can also submit a photograph of yourself for the back cover, which can be professionally Photoshopped. You can take regular photos of the things you want on your cover, and they will be edited to look like professional photographs. Anaphora has the Adobe CS6 Suite, which includes Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and other software that costs thousands of dollars and is out of reach to most self-published authors. Any type of content can be formatted, including the types of books that include numerous photographs, such as photo albums. The cost is low enough that you might be able to create a birthday present for somebody without breaking the bank. Some of the benefits of working with Anaphora’s Book Design service include:


Cheapest book design services in the market. $50: Cover Design; $100: Interior Book Design (up to 400 pages); $150: Complex Interior Book Design (over 400 pages; over 10 interior images; or other complications); additional conversion of interior files into Nook (epub), Smashwords (.doc), or Kindle (mobi) documents for $10; YouTube book trailers: $50.


Professional Software: CS6: Photoshop, InDesign: perfect for any printing platform.


Experienced Professional Designer: 5+ years of publishing and design experience; 100 Anaphora book titles in print.


Flexible, and happy to work with your individual preferences and requirements.


1-Day Turn-Around: Almost any design can be completed within a day of payment.


Easy payment methods: Chase electronic checks (free), PayPal, mailed checks, and other methods upon request.


Diversified: Logo, banner, brochure, press release, and other types of design services also available.


International: Able to adjust to special preferences from international clients: 3% extra for currency exchanges into US$ from any other currency via Chase electronic payments, or 4% for PayPal international payments

Simple Ordering: Email all of your materials (manuscript, paragraph biography, cover blurb/ summary, and marketing plan in a single .doc(x) attachment), and a specific request for the services you are requesting to If ordering a paid service, send your preferred payment method.



4 Responses to “Book Design”

  1. Kenneth Gary November 9, 2018 at 4:28 pm #

    I just finished my second book I want published. I can use CreateSpace for the body of the book. If I send you an image and reviews for the back cover can you produce a PDF file I can then send to CreateSpace of producing copies of the book


    • Anaphora Literary Press November 9, 2018 at 6:22 pm #

      Dear Kenneth: CreateSpace is no longer operational – you have to use Amazon’s Kindle branch to make your book via that company. I don’t specialize in cover designs only – but if you email me at with the exact content you want to appear on the cover, and your design preferences, I can make a cover for you for $50.



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