Production Services

Proofreading and editing

Book cover and interior design, typesetting, and formatting

Various formats available: hard cover, leather bound or paperback; color or BW; 6X9″, 8.5X11″ or other sizes; creme or white page color; and matte or gloss cover finishes

Unlimited image editing in Photoshop and InDesign, including creative re-painting of author’s photographs, and image placement into your book’s interior and cover

Maps, diagrams, graphs and other illustrations design

Authors can work with outside designers, who will be provided with standard Anaphora templates

ISBN and LCCN number assignment

Printing with Lightning Source: Ingram Complete (an exclusive special program)

PDF proof review and editing

Indexing and other special services for academic books

CDs, audio books, and movies can also be packaged and distributed

Options to make the book returnable or non-returnable

Replies to all author-emailed requests within 24 hours


There are two standard cover prices that apply to the majority of Anaphora’s softcover books:

$15 for books under 120 pages

X.75 = $11.25 * 50 copies = $562.50

Profits from re-sale: $187.50


$20 for books 120-300 pages

X.75 = $15 * 50 copies = $750

Profits from re-sale: $250

Additional Services:

$80: Ingram Catalog Advance Listing

Any quantity of review copies mailed for 25% off the retail price

Free: Cover re-design after blurbs come in during pre-release and 1 hardcover with 50 softcovers.

Free design for: Electronic EBSCO, Kindle and hardcover editions of the book

Anaphora - Photo Painting Flyer


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