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Anaphora Literary Press offers traditional, self-publishing and subsidy book production and distribution services.

The Traditional route is for established writers with a solid marketing plan, who are not asked to buy any copies.

The Self-Publishing option is for anybody that needs help with designing and formatting their printed or electronic book to release it with a self-publishing service. Flat fee: $150 for cover and interior design.

Co-operative Publishing: While some publishers charge thousands of dollars for design, editing and distribution, Anaphora strives to make this option one that will leave the writers with a profit. Writers are asked to buy exactly 50 copies of their book at 25% off the retail price, with shipping included, so that they can resell these at a 25% profit. This purchase includes softcover, hardcover and EBSCO EBook editions. Writers receive 1 free hardcover book with a 50+ softcover purchase. The first re-design of the book is free if edits are needed after release or to create a pre-release galley. Writers who plan on teaching their book in a class, immediately come out ahead. Writers who do a launch, or have contacts that are interested in buying the book, also see great profits. After the initial 40 copies, writers can make even more through direct sales, as they can purchase copies of their book from Anaphora at a 40-55% discount. Anaphora splits royalties with writers 50/50% for all books that sell through distributors, bookstores and all other venues, on top of books re-sold by the author.

There are 7.2 billion potential writers in the world, and only 5 major “traditional” publishers left. Anaphora offers writers a chance to publish the books they believe in, even if they are deemed as too un-commercial, radical, controversial, or literary by those few surviving traditional publishers. In addition, traditional and academic publishers offer writers 8% or less in royalties. If a traditional publisher accepts your book, it’s likely your marketing plan shows that you can sell significant quantities of it on your own, and if this is the case, you can make significantly more in profits from those same sales by working with Anaphora. Anaphora has released over 170 titles over its seven years in operation. References from prior authors can be provided upon request.

Anaphora’s Book Production Guide is available for free on several platforms, including Smashwords, Kindle, and via this PDF link: It explains the stages of Anaphora’s book production process to make it easier for the writer to positively participate in releasing their book.




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