Desogus and Casu

Desogus - Cover - 9781681144511-Perfect - Edited

Essays in Innovative Risk Management Methods: Based on Deterministic, Stochastic and Quantum Approaches: (Softcover: $15, 64pp, 6X9”: ISBN: 978-1-68114-451-1; Hardcover: $30: ISBN: 978-1-68114-452-8; Ebook: $2.99: ISBN: 978-1-68114-453-5; LCCN: 2018907298; Edited by: Julie Wong Shi; Business & Economics—Finance—Financial Risk Management; Release: October 1, 2018; Purchase on Amazon or Barnes & Noble): This analysis works towards overcoming the current business valuation logic as prevalently set by banks and other credit entities or, more generally, within risk capital markets. Current banking practice applies rigorous deterministic valuations that are based entirely on indices and ratios. Present accounting models are also poor representations of the correct money-credit-production-income mechanisms. This research proposes reforms for methods of business evaluation and determining the relative solidity or probability of insolvency. Each of the themes treated has its own identity, however they are integrated in relation to problems related to bank risk management and relevant creditworthiness assessments.

Marco Desogus has a PhD in Economics, and specializes in microcredit, public administrations and cooperative companies. He works as a credit financial advisor while conducting independent economic studies. His publications include Introduzione all’economia umanistica (Ibiskos Editrice Risolo, 2015), Microfinanza e microcredito: definizioni ed analisi di sviluppo in ambiente teorico quantico della produzione. Scenari italiani e prospettive possibili (ilmiolibro: L’Espresso-Feltrinelli, 2014) and “A proposito di sviluppo del turismo storico-culturale nella Sardegna sud-occidentale” in Memoria, Paesaggio, Cultura. Itinerari Italiani ed Europei, (FrancoAngeli, 2005). Desogus also works with local and international journals as an author and referee.

Elisa Casu holds a BSc in Economics. She is an expert in banking, accounting systems and mathematical modeling for business, finance and credit. Casu works as a business consultant, dealing especially in planning and control, business analysis and due diligence. She frequently speaks at conferences and seminars in these fields.


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