Stuart Nagero

Truth Is Indestructible: A Husband Reacts to Hidden Crimes: (Nonfiction—Biography & Autobiography—Personal Memoirs; Nonfiction—Philosophy—Good & Evil; Softcover: $15, 54pp, 6X9”: 979-880928-426-4; Kindle EBook: $2.99; Release: May 1, 2022): documents the author’s reactions to the disclosure by his wife, Vidhi, that she suffered a childhood in India of almost incessant abuse, and that her family covered up the crimes to save “social face”. Interwoven with chronological accounts of Vidhi’s experiences and her later recovery, the narrative tracks the search by Vidhi and the author for justice and accountability, the hostility they encountered, and the support they received from unexpected sources. The text also contains meditations on the nature of evil, the challenges of social reform, in India and around the world, and the consoling power of music when words fail to articulate the depths of depravity. Vidhi’s story is not hers alone. It is a story central to the human condition: countless silenced victims around the world inhabit a shadowy realm of lies and hidden crimes. Truth Is Indestructible suggests that a society can be secure only if it protects its children and demonstrates unequivocally that this protection is inseparable from the rule of law. And it offers reflections on the re-enchantment of a polluted world. Website:

Stuart Nagero was born in the United Kingdom. He earned a doctorate from a British university and has worked in the United Nations system for more than two decades.

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