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15 Jan
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Anaphora Literary Press was started as an academic press with the publication of the Pennsylvania Literary Journal (PLJ) in 2009. In the Winter of 2010, Anaphora began accepting book-length submissions. Anaphora has now published over 300 creative and non-fiction books. Yermiyahu Ahron Taub’s novel Beloved Comrades won Second Place/Silver of the 2021 CIPA EVVY Award in the category of LGBTQ Fiction from the Colorado Independent Publishers Association. Bob Van Laerhoven’s short stories collection, Heart Fever, became the Finalist for the 2018 Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Award. Jere Krakoff’s novel, Something is Rotten in Fettig, was a finalist in the 2016 Foreword Indies: Humor (Adult Fiction) competition. John Paul Jaramillo’s collection of short stories, The House of Order, received an honorable mention in Latino Literacy Now’s Mariposa Best First Fiction Book Award. Professors have used Anaphora’s books in their courses. Most Anaphora writers schedule readings, and several have booked top venues like Barnes and Nobles, AWP, and major libraries. Stories about Anaphora’s books have been featured in newspapers and magazines (including reviews in Publishers Weekly and Library Journal) and on major network broadcasts across the world (NPR/ Fox). PLJ and CCR have published interviews with best-selling and award-winning writers such as Geraldine Brooks and Larry Niven, as well as interviews with the winners of the Sundance and Brooklyn Film festivals. Anaphora has exhibited its titles at SIBA, ALA, SAMLA and many other international conventions. Services include book trailers, press releases, merchandise design, book review (free in pdf/epub) submissions, proofreading, formatting, design, LCCN/ISBN assignment, international distribution, art creation, ebook (Kindle, EBSCO, ProQuest)/ softcover/ hardcover editions, and dozens of other components included in the basic package. Anaphora has a full CS6 Suite, Movie Studio Suite, Corel Painter and other advanced software and hardware capabilities.
Submissions: Actively seeking single and multiple-author books in fiction (poetry, novels, and short story collections) and non-fiction (academic, legal, business, journals, edited and un-edited dissertations, biographies, and memoires). Email full MS (books must be completed prior to submission), bio, summary and marketing plan in a single Word document to Profits are split 50/50% with writers. Direct author sales of discounted copies, and collaborative marketing are essential to the success of a project. Anaphora is currently primarily printing books POD with Amazon’s KDP, and Ingram Content Group. Anaphora does not have any outside funding, so every book has to recuperate expenses invested into it. Anna Faktorovich, PhD, an English professor, is the Director and Owner, and designs most of the books.
Anaphora is uniquely welcoming to nearly all submissions! A rejection is unlikely because there has to be a major reason not to publish. Anaphora’s goal is to be accepting of all unique voices, as opposed to having pre-conceiver rules to judge a project as superior and worthy.
Connect with the Director, Anna Faktorovich, for Anaphora Updates:
Orders can be made via PayPal at – provide a list of the titles/ quantities you want to purchase and send the corresponding payment.
Testimonials from Authors:


“I’m a Belgian who has been a fulltime author for 30 years now in the Netherlands and Flanders. But as a foreigner, I didn’t know exactly what to expect when Anna and I combined forces to present the American public an overview of the themes in my novels by means of a the short story collection, Dangerous Obsessions. I was very pleased with the professionalism and the guidance of Dr. Faktorovich. In a fast changing market, she combines the strength of traditional publishing with the opportunities of the latest technical innovations and marketing techniques.” –Bob Van Laerhoven, winner of the Hercule Poirot Prize and the USA Best Book Award

Killer Nashville - Silver Falchion Award Finalist - Edited

“I have some 700 publications including 13 books. Most of my experiences have been positive though now and again a publisher has caused me real pain. I published a small memoir with Anaphora and everything worked smoothly, efficiently, and the end result is a lovely little volume. Anna Faktorovich, the publisher, does an outstanding job acquiring, editing, and overseeing production. She then markets through the usual channels and attends countless conferences and conventions displaying Anaphora titles. Thanks!” –Robert Hauptman, PhD, professor emeritus, editor of the Journal of Information Ethics


“First and foremost, service is fast and professional. Reviewing my book took a day. Editing only took a couple of weeks. The time between final edits and printing is only about three weeks. I know others who have published with small presses and it seems that Anaphora is superior to many of these companies. You feel like you are part of a team or a family when it comes to promotion. As the company grows, I feel that it benefits the authors as much as it does the publisher. Overall, it has been a good experience and I recommend Anaphora.” –Paul G. Varnas, Chicago chiropractor

“In publishing my memoir, Anna Faktorovich proved to be especially adept at designing a book with chapter epigraphs, five distinct parts, and many photographs.” –Bob Begiebing, PhD, founding director of the MFA in Fiction at Southern New Hampshire University

“Anaphora is the future face of publishing – reaching out and offering talented writers the opportunity, not to be squashed by BIG publishers, but an opportunity to share their unique voices with an audience of attentive, concerned, inquisitive readers. Anaphora is analogous to that special boutique down the street, offering those funky, delightful clothes you love  that you will never find in an off-the-rack major store. Anaphora’s titles set the standard for ’boutique’ publishing where that special book awaits that special reader.” –Philip Theibert, screenwriter and journalist for publications like The Wall Street Journal

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Anna Faktorovich on the publication of my essay ‘Ted Kooser’s Art of Waiting’ in the Pennsylvania Literary Journal (an Anaphora journal) in Summer 2014. A simple query to Anna led to a productive dialogue and eventually to publication of the essay. I found Anna an ideal editor to work with, and I was quite satisfied with her editorial work on my essay. The publication was professionally done and on time, and that fact, in itself, merits praise.” –Jeffrey P. Beck, PhD, Dean of the Nathan Weiss Graduate College, Kean University

“Working with Anaphora on two books has been a pleasure. Anna Faktorovich is quick, efficient, accurate, and professional in both the production and post-production phases.” –Alexander Motyl, PhD, Professor at Rutgers University, Newark

“Anaphora Literary Press provides a business foundation for the books it selects for its catalog.  The press is willing to take on quality material that isn’t necessarily ‘mainstream’ because the press believes in promoting literature of worth.  Having taken on a work, the press ensures a quality product, innovative presentation, and marketing support.  I believe my own work benefited from the professional, business approach of the press and has probably sold more copies than it might have done with a different press.” –Aline Soules, Librarian and Faculty at the California State University, East Bay

Anna Faktorovich is a registered Publications Schedule Contract Holder

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